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    Creating a Sustainable Built Environment, Project by Project



    I am proud to put forward our first annual Corporate Sustainability Report. We believe sustainability to be integral to our business; how we lead our client’s projects and advise them on their real estate assets. Both MHPM and our clients are navigating a changing business landscape, preparing for a low carbon economy and responding to diverse stakeholder expectations. These translate into increasing demand for risk management, high performance buildings and transparent reporting.

    In 2006, we recognized the need to support our clients on their sustainability journey and encouraged our staff to obtain the LEED AP credential - applying that knowledge in their work as project managers. Since then, we have:

    • Been tracking our sustainability performance across energy, community and workplace other dimensions
    • Committed an average of 1% of net profits towards charitable donations by our local offices
    • Launched our MHPM Online University to enhance our staff’s professional development
    • Launched our Wellness Program together with a national fitness firm
    Our report is inspired by the Global Reporting Initiative’s guidelines and outlines our performance in the areas we believe are material to MHPM. In 2013, we have set targets in energy, transportation and community. Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” At MHPM we know we’re on the right track- it is one where sustainability is at the centre of our day to day work- and when we look ahead, we are not sitting still.

    I encourage you to speak with us about your sustainability journey, and share your thoughts on ours, by completing our feedback survey or contacting one of our offices closest to you.  


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    Franklin Holtforster
    President and CEO


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