Corporate Sustainability Report

    Creating a Sustainable Built Environment, Project by Project

    About our Report

    To prosper as a business, its critical to understand the issues that are important to our stakeholders and manage our enterprise appropriately. More and more, sustainability matters to our clients, our employees and the communities in which we live and work.

    Owners and tenants want LEED, Energy Star or BOMA BESt certification. Investors, regulators and customers are challenging businesses to integrate environmental and social performance into their operations and assets. Demand is shifting towards carbon neutrality. Increasingly, the buildings that sell and lease quickly are the ones that offer resilience to a changing climate and an uncertain economy.

    At MHPM, we embrace sustainability in the projects we lead. We tell clients - indeed, we wholeheartedly believe - that Sustainability is Free™, that over its life cycle, a sustainable building is worth more, less costly to operate and presents a healthier environment for the people who live and work in it.

    We are proving, project by project that sustainability is an imperative for ensuring future worth and return on investment. And so, to ensure our own operations are sustainable, we have adopted the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines to inform our reporting themes.

    Our report details our performance on six dimensions:

    Environmental Stewardship
    We strive to understand, manage and report on our direct environmental aspects. We currently report on our energy use and carbon footprint. In 2013 we will also report on water, waste, paper use, procurement practices and climate change.

    With offices across Canada, we strive to optimize our air transportation and encourage alternative land transportation. We currently report on employee commuting. In 2013, our Green Team initiatives will establish best practices for reducing the impact of employee commuting.

    Health & Safety
    We are committed to a safe and healthy work environment both on-site and in our offices. We currently report on the membership of our Corporate Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

    We value the communities within which we operate and are committed to creating vibrant, sustainable communities. We are reporting on our community sponsorship, participation and support of local organizations. We have committed an average of 1% of net profits towards charitable donations by our local offices.

    Our employees are the backbone of our business; they are the individuals responsible for serving our clients. We strive towards a strong, dignified and mutually beneficial relationship with all our employees. We report on our level of employee engagement, wellnes program and employee professional development.

    Client Satisfaction
    As part of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, we survey our clients during and at completion of projects. Bringing value to our clients is essential to a sustainable business, to this end we are reporting on our client satisfaction.

    The greatest contribution MHPM can make to a sustainable built environment is through our clients and their projects. We know from experience, project managers and advisors can be our client’s strongest advocate for sustainability.

    We believe that Sustainability is Free™ - that over the life cycle, the net benefit of sustainability is greater than the investment in sustainability. Achieving a high performance sustainable business requires leadership, a well-integrated team, thorough planning and the proper processes and management tools. Sustainability is the fourth dimension of project management alongside cost, schedule and scope.

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