Corporate Sustainability Policy

MHPM’s responsibility is to create and sustain an economically sound and prosperous business, providing high value services to our clients. In cooperation with our clients, employees and business partners we strive to create a sustainable future. Toward this goal, we have defined a set of core beliefs and guiding principles.

We believe that:

  • The strongest advocate for sustainability is an independent project manager working on the client’s behalf.
  • Thorough planning and design are critical to create a sustainable future and meet our client’s sustainability objectives.  
  • Managing our business in a sustainable way is an imperative.
  • Any cost that does not provide value to our clients is considered wasteful and in-efficient.
  • Sustainability is Free™ - that incorporating sustainability into the project lifecycle comes at no net cost.  

Guiding Principles:

  • Leadership – we lead our clients towards their sustainability objectives.
  • Performance – we strive to create high-performance facilities that: minimize impacts on the environment; are healthy, safe places to live and work; and contribute to vibrant, sustainable communities.
  • Integrity and Ethics – we are committed to doing business with a high degree of integrity and ethics.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – we are open-minded with those who are affected by our business and operations. We actively engage our business and project stakeholders on how we can work toward shared goals.  
  • Risks and Opportunities – we are dedicated to identifying and mitigating the impacts of climate change and maximizing opportunities for sustainability.  
  • Continual Improvement – we strive to continuously improve our business and operations. We involve our employees, sub-contractors, clients and partners to continuously improve the environmental performance of our projects.  

Our Policy:


We strive towards a strong and consistent relationship with all our employees built on mutual respect and dignity. We provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment and are committed to continual improvement. We are a registered equal opportunity employer. We provide training, education and professional development opportunities for employees that support their future work plans, our beliefs and guiding principles. All MHPM technical staff are required to obtain Project Management Professional certification, the LEED Green Associate credential and are strongly encouraged to seek the Accredited Professional with Specialization.


Based on our belief that our project management and advisory services can make significant contributions to a sustainable future, we are committed to proactive environmental management at all levels. We maintain management systems, procedures and training plans that strive to:
•    Continuously improve the environmental performance of our projects throughout their life cycle;
•    At a minimum, ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards; and
•    Improve the environmental performance of our operations including the buildings that we own, leased tenant space, corporate travel and procurement.


We are committed to creating vibrant, sustainable communities. Through our sponsorship and participation, we support both national and local initiatives focused on continuing education, sustainability, and community building. Each year MHPM commits an average 1% of net profits through its charitable donations. Our local offices are encourage to direct their own community development efforts where they can be most effective.


We strive to eliminate waste in the goods and services that we purchase and over-consumption. Our approach is based on a simple hierarchy: first, optimize our consumption and eliminate waste; second, seek business process efficiencies; third, purchase environmentally preferable products and services; and fourth, integrate new technologies.