Sustainability Services

Sustainability is Free™ - ask us how!

The changing climate, investor expectations and the quest for efficiency are driving our clients. They are examining their corporate real estate and infrastructure practices. Delay in implementing sustainability strategies and management systems will jeopardize the investments they’ve made.

Sustainability is the new standard of the built environment. As we shift towards a low carbon economy and adapt to a changing climate, leaving money and opportunity on the table is not an option. We believe that Sustainability is Free™ – that high performance sustainable facilities and infrastructure can ensure future worth, maximize your return on investment and improve your operational bottom line. 

Our clients realize that sustainability is more than an engineering challenge. Our sustainability team provides consulting and analytical services to our national building, infrastructure and property management clients. The team includes sustainability, management, environmental and energy consultants who provide expert advice based on extensive technical and corporate knowledge. We develop and apply innovative tools and techniques such as our GAP for Buildings™ used to assess the sustainability performance of commercial and institutional building portfolios.

Contact us about:

  • High performance and green building/portfolio strategies, procedures and plans
  • Implementing performance management systems and programs for continuous improvement
  • Developing and implementing customized assessment tools and benchmarking
  • Conducting a GAP for Buildings™ assessment of your portfolio

Our Services

  • Sustainability strategy and management. Integrate sustainability into the management of your real estate and infrastructure.
  • Energy management. Implement continuous improvement in your energy management and facility performance.
  • High performance green buildings. Evaluate the costs and benefits of high performance sustainable facilities and LEED® or BOMA BESt certification for new or existing buildings.

Our knowledge and expertise is delivered to you under our ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System. 

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